2016-2017 Overall

Studio Awards

Dance Champs:

1st overall teen large group

1st overall junior duo

1st overall rising star junior group

overall highest scoring lyrical

overall highest scoring contemporary

Miss Dance Champs

Highest scoring routine of the entire competition


1st overall teen duo

Teen Miss ​Nexstar

Senior Miss Nexstar

costume award winner


Video of the year nominee

NYC experience scholarship winners

judges choice winners

most entertaining winner

1st overall teen solo

Teen Dancer of the Year

1st overall junior small group

Best costume award winner

Senior Dancer of the Year

Talent on Parade

Top Starz winners

Category cup winners

go-pro scholarship winner

1st overall top entertainer

1st overall senior soloist

Stage one

1st overall senior soloist

Competitive Spirit studio award winner

Technical excellence

category winners

judges choice winners

Celebration Talent

1st overall Senior rising solo

1st overall rising teen solo

performance awards

studio "life of the Party' award winner

judges choice winners

highest rising dance of the day

1st overall teen group

Teen Dancer of the Year

reD dOOR daNCE company

red door dance company  Competition teams

RDDC has a successful and rapidly growing competitive program. We offer many different levels in which you may be placed. RDDC team members must be ages 6 and up!

all new members are required to take a minimum of 2 hours (of set classes) per week.

Teens and seniors are required to take a minimum of 4 hours (of set classes) per week.

Team informational packets and audition forms are available at the studio.